First Impressions after 3 weeks

I just finished up 3 weeks on Huel. I’ve been doing it for breakfast and lunch and then eating dinner with the family. (Mostly ok but sometimes not real healthy.) I mainly started Huel because I spend way too much on fast food. I end up getting something for breakfast and lunch and then I grab a snack in the middle. I was spending $10-$12 per day which I really can’t afford but my laziness was stronger than my lack of funds. So, primarily this was a convenience/cost-cutting effort.

After 3 weeks I’ve lost about 7lbs and my clothes are getting a little looser. It feels great. I will confess though that I’m hungry most of the time. I drink the Huel but then I’m craving the heavy food within an hour and then I stick it out until lunch when I drink another one. That’s tough to get through, I’ll admit. However, I’m happy to report that I haven’t spend any money on fast food or snacks since I started Huel so that’s great. (Ok, I finally did yesterday but I was picking up my son from school and I knew he’d be hungry… yeah, that’s it.)

I’m not a fan of artificial sweeteners and my one concern is the sucralose in Huel. I’m not convinced that it doesn’t have its side effects. Doing some research about it didn’t seem to alleviate my fears. So, I ordered some without the flavoring or sweetener.

Do you remember when Dumbledore was crossing the lake to get to the little island in the middle of the lake? He was going to destroy the horcrux along with Harry Potter. Do you remember what happened to Dumbledore when he drank the liquid he had to drink to get to the horcrux? That’s pretty much what my experience was like drinking Huel without the flavoring and sweetener. It was memorable. It’ll take me a week to get over it. The problem is I have to do it again tomorrow… and the next day… and the next day…

Anyway, my question to you all is, do the added flavorings that you can get do ok it the unsweetened version or are those really only good with the vanilla version? I need to do something because plain Huel is unbearable.

Having said that, I’m going to keep on going and get my A1C checked again in a month or two. I’m not prediabetic but I’m almost there. My dad had diabetes and died from it recently and it is my goal to not exit this life in the very difficult circumstances that he did.

I’m thankful that I found Huel. It’s bringing me all of the benefits that I knew that it would and for that I’m grateful. I plan on continuing to use it indefinitely.

You will have to use something to add sweetness or flavor to the U/U Huel. We were discussing this in another thread as well. A lot of us have found the following to be useful for this:

  • Hot chocolate mix (which has a small bit of sugar)
  • Banana
  • Frozen berries
  • Honey or Turbinado sugar
  • Peanut butter
  • Use milk or milk/water instead of pure water for the liquid

Those are all great ideas but then I greatly reduce the convenience factor when I have to start integrating stuff into the shake which is hard to do at work. But, this morning I went and bought some unsweetened cocoa and put a spoonful of it into the shake and it made all the difference in the world. My U/U problems are officially solved.


$10-12 a day is nothing. Try being in San Jose, CA trying to feed yourself for the whole day

Well, that was just breakfast and lunch… it was just fast food and a waste.

I like a little bit of honey and cinnamon in my unsweetened huel. I’m talking maybe a half teaspoon of honey. I like the cocoa too!

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I use diet v8 splash berry flavor. It’s a little non-sugar sweet flavor in a liquid: 200 mL per serving means the bottle lasts more servings than the label suggests, and I top up the shaker to 450 mL for 127g of Huel.

Also, make your lunch portion while you’re home with a blender - then all you have to do at work is rinse the shaker when you’re finished.

Loved your sense of humor. Viva Dumbledore!