After just four days my only craving is for Huel

I started because I got put on Abilify and while it’s been a miracle in leveling my emotions out, I’ve gained 25 pounds and am up to 225; I’ve never weighed this much in my life and I feel horrible about it. While my blood pressure, heart rate, and blood work still look good, I want to get this under control before my health spirals out of control.

I tried Huel in 2018 and my stomach just couldn’t handle it. I tried it again for the last week, and while I’m experiencing the transitional bloat, bad gas, and odd body sensations, all of my food cravings have very suddenly and powerfully become for Huel. I started with the idea that I’d do 1 a day for a week and move up a serving a week until I was four or five a day, but it’s only 6 days in and I’m up to four servings a day.

I’ve cut just about all food except unprocessed vegetables and some food from the food pantry ($150-190 is all I’ve got so when whatever I buy runs out I get donations), and whatever junk food I can fit in a small ramekin twice a week for a treat, and I’m feeling good. I’ve never been great about cooking, so an alternative to a chest freezer full of frozen mac & cheese TV dinners and such is wonderful.

I was expecting my guts to be a battleground for three weeks before I got used to it - I certainly wasn’t expecting four days in to want nothing else in my stomach ever again.


This is wonderful news! Glad you’re not having the stomach issues! I will say I had zero issues with Black but I added V3 so now I do half v3 and half black four times a day and my stomach is taking a minute to get used to the v3 for whatever reason but nothing terrible. ( occasional uh…smell…) :stuck_out_tongue:

Im glad you found something that works for you, there are a ton of weight loss success stories with using Huel so welcome aboard! I find if you can just push through the hump, you don’t crave as much junk as long as you make sure you stick to your Huel meals and don’t skip any. The second I skip my body screams for oreos. Keep posting on here , we love hearing the experiences people have. At least I do. The feedback really helps the guys at Huel with their products :slight_smile: Good luck!


Day 6: Oh lord the cravings for Arby’s and Burger King hit me like a ton of bricks after I smelled someone else’s fast food in a trash can today. The urge to jump in the car and go get a greasy reuben is so strong right now. Also vanilla is good for just about only mixing with other things, it’s as neutral as I thought u/u would be. I second the smell, it’s like I’ve developed colitis or have some rotting meat in my colon; I suspect it’s just my gut microbiome dying en masse from feeding it those alien healthy things :wink:


Hahaha on the smell part. As for cravings - I live in an apartment complex and I smell EVERYONE’s dinners. It has been especially hard when people are grilling outside because I leave my doors open to let the air in. I just say if I am actually hungry, go make a Huel. If I don’t want the Huel then I’m just craving it. I did discover a lovely dessert - I have a serious sweet tooth…Pitted dates with natural peanut butter inside. I have been having one a night after my Huel dinner just as a treat to myself to help with any cravings. Plus I figure if I just stick to my Huel - I won’t feel guilty about the occassional meal with friends and can really put thought into what is something I really want that I dont get…as opposed to fries and pizza…every…single…weekend…glad I got over that hump…my bank account couldnt handle all the delivery fees haha


Fantastic job and keep up the great work! I look forward to be rid of the bad food cravings… I am sure you’re going to see some phenomenal results. As for the transition stuff for me, I lucked out and only had bad gas / bloating for about a 30 hour period then fine.

Anyways, congrats on your lifestyle change, you got this!

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