No Bake Protein Balls with Huel

No Bake Protein Balls with Huel

1 ½ c raw oats

2 scoops Huel Chocolate Protein Powder

Cinnamon to taste

Espresso powder (optional), yes like you make coffee with

Finely chopped raw walnuts

Finely chopped dark chocolate baking chocolate

1 c or more peanut butter and/or almond butter (I use ½ and ½)

Mix all together. Squeeze dough into balls (size of your hand), put on parchment paper and into frig for about 10 minutes. Then into a storage container and enjoy.

If dough does not stick together then add more pb or almond butter.

1/4c honey can be added if you like them sweeter. I tried this and found them too sweet for me.

A word about Huel. I have tried this recipe with Raw Fit, Tony Horton powder, and other protein powders and Huel is by far the best for these.

Very yummy! Enjoy!

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Wouldn’t that be Espresso powder?

Yes thank you, Expresso Powder. I will fix it.

Espresso, no X in it. lol

Geeezzz and I have a college education. LOL Thanks again.

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Welcome. You don’t have a spell checker?