Seeking Huel recipies

I just started using Huel as a supplement to boost my caloric intake in an effort to gain weight and sustain muscle. I am on the fence currently as I am used to fine powder proteins, but I don’t mind the taste. It’s almost like a Clif bar in drink mix form.
What I am looking for is advice on how to use Huel to add into basic recipies for bars and things like pancakes or breads. Has anyone experimented with this yet? How can I safely use Huel, and would I use it as a partial replacement in certain recipies for other ingredients (like flour)? Being that there are rice proteins and oats, how will those bake in cake breads and pancakes?
I have no restrictions to my diet other than being a picky eater. I am solely looking to cook/bake stuff that can keep in the fridge/a cooler that I can take to work that is packed with calories and protein.

Ohhh man, Brandon. You’re gonna flip (:pancakes:) when you see our recipes page.

Let me link a thread that I did a while back when I started baking with Huel

Once I did it a few times, it was relatively painless. The cookies and muffins stay good for a week (and I’ve even eaten them 10 days out), so long as you store them in the refrigerator. Out of the fridge, they should be good for a day. It’s a good way to make hearty, well balanced solid food for the week.

I rewarm the muffins and spread either butter or peanut butter on top. The cookies can be eaten rewarmed, as is.

If you don’t like banana, you can use other additives. Chocolate Chips make it taste great, albeit with a bit of added sugar.

One important thing: spray your muffin tin or cookie sheet with Pam or some kind of no-stick spray. The paper muffin liner is not enough and the muffins will stick.

And yes, I basically “stole” recipes online and substituted the Huel for wheat flour. Just be aware that Huel based mixes take longer to bake than wheat flour versions.