Just shaked my 1st Huel!

So I just made my first chocolate fuel! So far it’s pretty good, but very gritty. Is there a reason a sprial ball doesn’t come with the shaker to break it all up?

Here’s how I made it. (in order)

  • 14 ounces of cold water, 2 scoops, 3 ice cubes, then shake. Then add 3 more ounces and shake again.

Would love any suggestions!


I always blend my Huel ahead of time.

I make mine with oat or almond milk and water in a 50:0 mix, 3 scoops of chocolate Huel, and one small scoop of my greens powder. I add enough liquid so that it comes to about 30 ounces total. I like mine more dilute than the recommended amount of fluid. It helps reduce gritty feeling.

Some of the gritty feeling will become normal as you drink it more.

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I too blend. But use more water than you. 400ml, 2 scoops Huel, 1 scoop protein powder, 150ml water - blend for 30 seconds - then I chill it in the fridge for a few hours. I make 5 of these in the morning. I only have 4 blender cups so I drink the first one without chilling and its very liquidy. The others get thicker as they chill and the flax soaks up the water.

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I pulled a round shaker ball from another bottle I had since it does much better for a quick & easy breakfast. Not sure how the strainer they gave us works, but I suppose if you do ice cubes it’s fine?

We don’t have a shaker ball available at this time. Grit can take some time to get used to–it’s the flax! If it’s super bothersome after some time I recommend using a blender :wink:

Looking to get this right… Can I use just oat milk and powder? or should I add at least some water the mix?

Yeah you can just use oat milk as your only liquid to reconstitute the Huel powder. I do this sometimes. It’s extra creamy. And then sometimes I’ll do half oat milk half water. Either way works.

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Yeah, i just found the perfect balance a few days ago with 80% Oat Milk and 20% Water.