Chocolate Huel tips

I ordered huel for the first time this month. I got several bags, vanilla, original, banana and chocolate. I love them all except for chocolate. It doesn’t taste anything like chocolate to me, while the other three are quite pleasent. I use oat milk and I’ve tried adding a banana, berries, cocoa powder, some stevia. I use a blender and let it sit in the fridge for at least 3 hours. nothing seems to make it taste better. I’m actually avoiding the chocolate now, but I don’t want to waste it. I’ll use it, but I’m not enjoying it. Sigh. Any other tips I could try?

There’re oodles under the ‘recipe’ tab…

1 of my favorite concoctions is to use 13 oz water, about 4 oz mango/orange juice, 2 heaping scoops chocolate Huel. Quick fix.

Use this recipe, in a blender, and add handful of spinach, a nana, 4 lrg strawberries, handful of blueberries, 1 brown egg. You bet

I LOVE chocolate… but Huel chocolate tastes like nothing to me. If you add coffee to it, it brings out the chocolate, though! What I do is make coffee at night, set it in the fridge overnight, then use it in place of water in the morning for my Huel. I’m caffeine sensitive so I just use instant decaf since it’s going into Huel anyway, but if you want to make a pot or use something fancy like espresso - be my guest! Coffee brings out the flavor and I like to add a handful of ice chunks so it gets a frappe texture. The best thing is, it’s calorie-free since you don’t need any sweeteners (the Huel is sweet enough) so if you’re strict on calories coffee is even more beneficial.

Hey @Navyjim47,

So stoked to have you as a Hueligan!

So happy to hear you have been enjoying vanilla, original, and banana, but am bummed to hear you are not getting along with the chocolate!

My biggest pro tip is to continue making it with oat milk and try adding a spoon of peanut butter! It tastes delicious and gives it a peanut butter cup vibe!
Another pro tip I have is trying to mix the powders together! Grab a scoop of banana and a scoop of chocolate and see how it goes :blush:

If you continue to not enjoy it drop us an email at!


I second the part about adding one scoop to other powders. I rarely drink chocolate by itself but if I happen to have a bag I will add it to another flavor and it almost acts as a filler which makes the flavor of Huel you like, last longer.


@Maria thanks for the response! I like this idea and think I’ll try it. Decaf for me too!

@Maksim_Huel @philphriday thanks for the responses. I did try splitting vanilla and chocolate together, and I like it much better! As for the peanut butter, I add powdered PB to it and it helps too!
My next order is split between 3.0 and black without chocolate. First time trying black, so I’m looking forward to that. Also got berry 3.0 for the first time. Should arrive today!