(Newbie) Is it bad to add

Just started Huel a few days ago. First used 17ML of water with 2 full scoops of Huel Black. Was far far too bitter and the bulky graininess was overwhelming.

So then I decided to use regular milk and added a chopped up banana, small amount of cinnamon sugar.

This a good idea? I know Huel not supposed to be too sugary but man I’m a southerner and needed some flavor lol. But I not use it? And should I change to a healthier milk?? Or go back to water??

Thx yall. I’m new here XD

My vote: Almond Milk! (Unsweetened) - Or try the 90Cal Vanilla :smiley:

If your goal is to lose weight, I’d say regular milk would be not an optimal choice.

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Thx for the recommendations. Ima try it!

But nah not trying to lose weight ( I’m not fat) just trying to eat healthier. I do have a bit of a gut tho…lol

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I blend banana into mine a lot. I sometimes will cut up some banana and put in baggies to freeze. Then I can take out some pieces for blending Huel in the future.

I always use a mix of plant based milk and water to mix all my Huel.

I’ve been doing this for 2 years and my labs and BMI are all great. It seems healthy to me. Also, I eat up to 7 or 8 servings of fruit some days.


Have you tried hemp milk? Pretty good as well. My go to as of late has been Ripple but it might be too thick (unless you mix with water).

I hope you mean 17 ounces and not mls. That would be more huel than water, so I’m sure you would have noticed that. Just wanted to rule out every possibility.


Yes I meant ounces. That was a mistext. Haha