Is 3.0 Really This Bad?

I loved version 2.0, what happened? It turns slimy!? Tastes terrible, so disappointed that I bought 4 bags of this stuff. Anyone else having similar issues? I don’t think I will be buying anymore Huel after this. Stopping my autoship. Going to have to force myself to drink this. Loved what is company did but their quality control and quality standards are not consistent enough to deliver a constantly consistent product.

I hate to add any negative comments because I absolutely love Huel but I do have to report that my new bag of chocolate isn’t very tasty. I alternate vanilla and chocolate which was my favorite but now I don’t look forward to the chocolate shake. What happened I wonder?

We would love to make it up to you & have personally messaged you to get more details about your order and bags & assist with that!

Sorry to hear that! Reaching personally to you as well to gather more information about your order.