Am I the only one that thinks this is gross?

Ok. So I had my first shake today. I used vanilla Huel. I mixed it with ice and coffee as I saw that was popular. It somehow tasted like old blended bread. lol. No vanilla flavor no coffee flavor. Which is super weird considering I used like 16oz of coffee. I guess I’m just wondering if anyone had similar experiences or if my Huel is bad? I didn’t expect it to be super flavorful but whats the point of getting vanilla if there’s no taste/sweetness?

Just looking for similar experiences and advice.

Try it without coffee. If anything, Vanilla is too sweet.


I tried it again at lunch with just milk. Still not sweet. Maybe mine is faulty. I even added some vanilla extract. :frowning: Maybe I just need to get used to it? I dunno.

Did you verify that the package says vanilla? And if you sniff the package when you open it, do you SMELL vanilla?

I’ve heard stories of people being shipped the wrong thing, I can absolutely tell you that if you open the package and you don’t smell a strong whiff of vanilla, you are drinking the unsweetened/unflavored stuff.

The package does say vanilla but I don’t smell it. I think I’ll contact customer service. Thank you.

The first shake I mixed was accidentally made with unflavored/unsweetened and my reaction was exactly the same as you. Blech! I looked at the packaging and quickly figured out my mistake. It sounds like your first taste was U/U too. Definitely find out if you have the right stuff.

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That was my first reaction to U/U Huel. I’ve since learned how to properly flavor it up. It usually takes 2 or 3 extra ingredients, but it can be very tasty if done correctly. The Unflavored Huel has almost no scent whatsoever in the bag. Vanilla Huel has a distinct smell to it. You’ll be able to tell right away.

Vanilla is pretty decent on its own, but I still add at least one ingredient to flavor it. The best all around, and easiest way to flavor Vanilla Huel is to blend with frozen berries. Vanilla Huel also works well when mixed in milk or water/milk mixture.

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Hey Natalie, I see my teammates Sothan and Tyler were able to help you. :+1: Let me know if there’s anything else we can do for you!