New v3.0 Berry Flavor...What Have You Done, Huel?!

Dear sweet lord, what is this abomination?

I loved the v1.1 Berry. It was like drinking a bowl of Crunch Berries. Sweet, but not too sweet, it was my go-to whenever I wasn’t sure what I was in the mood for.

Although the website still describes it as, “Sweet strawberry, raspberry and blueberry flavor,” the best word I can use to describe the new Berry is Purple. To borrow a phrase from Douglas Adams, it’s that artificial grape that is almost, but not quite entirely unlike a grape. It’s like munching on a mouthful of grape Nerds, but without the balancing flavor of the Nerds being 99.96% sugar. It’s almost a “hearty Purple”, and nobody has ever said, “Mmm, boy, I sure could go for some artificial grape flavored meatloaf!”

I have no idea how this ever got past the first focus group. I get it that people have different tastes, but this is almost objectively bad. Even my wife, who eats weird shit most people can’t even spell, and who thinks nothing of eating leftover Chinese straight out of the fridge, gave it a, “Yeah, that’s not good.”

Do yourself a favor and don’t even bother with this one. If you like berry flavor, buy the Unflavored / Unsweetened variety or the Vanilla instead. Then, go to the grocery store, pick up a bag of frozen mixed berries of whatever type you like, and toss them in the blender with the UU / Vanilla.

UPDATE: I just bought 12 bags of the v1.1 from the Huel outlet before it’s gone. You can, too. (

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I respectfully disagree. I feel like the new flavor is a significant improvement on the previous flavor and the new increased flavoring that you’re experiencing isn’t grape, it’s raspberry.

Well, you’re wrong. The new flavor is terrible.

I wish I had seen these posts earlier. I didn’t know formula had changed and now suddenly I’ve got 4 bags of trash from Huel. I ordered a dozen of the V1.1 bags hoping that will hold me over until they rectify their HYUGE mistake.