I am sooooo disappointed in ver 3.0 Berry

So disappointed I didn’t open it as my first bag of the new version. It’s pretty damn fantastic.

{Click bait. Got ya!}

In all seriousness I am liking the new Berry Huel. Granted I blended it a bit of oat milk + water and tossed one stevia packet. But it’s very tasty. It’s berry flavor is coming through more robust than 1.1, and it still tastes mostly natural. Im getting almost no bitter aftertaste.

8 out of 10


We are thrilled to hear that you are loving the Berry Flavor! Thank you for sharing with us how you prepare it and I am sure this is helpful for others who are wanting to add other things into their shakes! :grin:

I was never a fan of the Berry flavored Huel during v1.1 in the US, so I didn’t even bother setting up a new subscription for Berry.

Maybe I’ll give v3.0 Berry a shot…

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