Bad batch of Berry Huel

I’ve had probably 4 or 5 bags of Berry in the past and while not my favorite flavor, they were still pretty good. This most recent bag of Berry that I received is absolutely awful. It tastes like the unflavored/unsweetened Huel, and gets extremely thick, like oatmeal, even though I am using two level scoops with 17 fl oz water. This is definitely not the right mix of ingredients which is raising some concerns for me about the overall balanced nutrition of Huel.

The bag says
EXP: MAY/2022
LOT:BC21095 08:01


I had the same thing happen to my Chocolate Flavor Huel. I don’t know what’s going on but I think they are reducing the flavors and sweetener in all the flavors. My chocolate was terrible and I can’t drink it now without flavor boosts. If Huel doesn’t revert this change they are going to lose tons of customers.


Hey @BNH,
Really appreciate you letting us know the batch numbers! Please drop our team an email at so our team can help you out ASAP!

I got a bag of something that didn’t taste right and I was amazed how responsive customer service was. I needed to be clear that it wasn’t a preference issue, but it was resolved in a very favorable way.

I noticed this too. I’ve been drinking the Caffe Latte almost daily since January and just opened a new bag and it’s way more bitter than the rest I’ve had.

This is happening for me as well, Though Huel is acknowledging the issue and sending a new bag, I still think they must explain everyone what’s going on, If sweetener is missed, who knows what else is missing, A clarity on this would be great for everyone.

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Just ran into this as well but with my salted caramel. There is no way its just missing flavoring. It turned out so think it wouldn’t come out of the shaker. Had to take lid off then tried it and it taste horrible. Batch number on mine isn’t the same as yours so this isn’t an isolated batch problem. Unfortunately I have multiple bags of this. Here is my batch in case anyone is interested EXP: May/2022 BC21098.


Oh great, I have a bag of salted caramel with that exact batch number. I guess I better open all of these bags and test them before I contact support.

If you do let me know please. I still have 10 bags of various flavors and im hoping there not messed up too. I already contacted support and they took care of it very quickly. Extremely impressed with there customer support. Thing I dont understand is how this is happening. I work in food manufacturing and we have to taste test each batch. Even test batches multiple times so idk how this is a thing. They should have been able to tell it was wrong when making it by smell alone.

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I had the same issue with the Salted Caramel.
Lot BC21098.
The taste was completely off.
Huel is replacing the order with Gluten Free Salted Carmel. And customer service was fast.

Was Lot BC21098 bad or were we shipped unflavored Huel ?

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Same here, that batch of salted caramel was NOT right. Taste and texture were way off. Salted caramel is my favorite and I’ve had several bags that were all great so it’s not just a preference thing.

In fact I’ve gone through and tested all the bags in my last shipment and only 1 tasted good and had a normal texture. The rest were thick, gritty, and tasted terrible. I know they’re shipping out replacement bags but I hope they figure out what’s going on. Huel has been amazing for me and I don’t want to have to look for another product.

Finally had time to go through my entire order and found more bad ones. I have 2 of the berry from the BC21095 10:13 and luckily there fine. On other hand I have banana BC21109 12:59 and there both bad/ unflavored. So 6 bags out of my order was bad, different flavors and different batches.

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I just received a bad batch of Salted Caramel (ZERO Flavoring). EXP: JUN/2022 LOT: BC21147 04:19

I had this issue with 2 bags of the Salted Caramel. Customer service was great.
I received 2 bags of Gluten Free Salted Caramel eight days after I contacted them.
Gluten free was sent on the off chance that I had the same issue with the replacement order.
Huel also sent, free of charge, a Salted Caramel Booster pack.
Is this for the first 2 bags that were off flavor?

I haven’t seen anything on the forum about what was wrong with these batches. Is it just mislabeled Unsweetened/Unlabeled Huel?

Was thinking of adding this “off” batch to a green smoothie…….however……
Kinda like to know the contents of those bags of Huel :upside_down_face:

Your lucky they gave you flavor boosters, I didn’t get any :frowning:. Yes it’s to fix the bad bags you have. They probably have answered what’s going on a couple of times but I have trouble finding things on here. Here is a link to a reddit post where they actually replied and explained whats going on. Hope you find it useful.

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