New User & Excited!

Hi Everyone!
Just placed our order today for our family and parents. Can’t wait to get started. Will be reading everyones recipes and tips. Our son has been on this product for quite some time and loves it every day!
Just curious how soon the shipment goes out and how soon before I receive it?
Happy Hueling:)

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Woohoo! Get excited, @RachelR. Huel orders are typically received between 3-5 business days once the order is placed!

Hi Rachel! Stoked to hear what the whole fam thinks about Huel! Also, not going to force you too much, but a Huel-themed Christmas card might be in order this year. :thinking:

The most common tips are probably:

  1. Give it a few doses before you get used to the texture. Some people notice the texture at first. It’s the ground flaxseed, I think. It’ll become second nature soon, so don’t freak out if you notice a gritty texture at first.

  2. Milk. A lot of us use milk or milk/water mix to blend or shake our Huel. Don’t be afraid to try this.

  3. Cold. Most of us prefer Huel cold. Either blend/mix with ice cubes. Or let it sit in refrigerator for a while (or overnight) to chill.