Additional RTD flavors planned?

Can the Huel team drop us any hints about whether additional RTD flavors are planned for the future? :grin:

I started having the Huel RTD delivered direct to my work a couple months ago and have been drinking it for lunch 4 days a week ever since. My sub is currently 50/50 berry/vanilla, and I love the berry but the vanilla flavor is getting decidedly “blah” for me and I’m considering dropping it in favor of 100% berry. Having some different options would definitely help to keep some variety.

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I’m definitely 100% berry fan myself.

Although I can’t speak for the huel representatives, I did a little digging and checked out the Huel site for Germany and they have Huel granola, Huel bars, and they have these flavors for their powder Huel: Berry, Coffee, Mint Chocolate (New), No added flavor; Unsweetened, and Original Vanilla

The US is considered part of Huel global so I’m assuming it’s only a matter of time before the states get some of these options.

They do not have any new flavors for rtd though.

@DrBarber is pretty spot on with what we offer in the EU (no added flavor is vanilla there’s 2 vanilla flavors)

I can’t say much but what I can say is we listen to our Huelers. New RTD flavors has been brought up before (along with bars and the other products currently available in the EU) and we have taken it on board so watch this space!

Here’s hoping a chocolate flavor RTD is next on the testing floor. You can’t go wrong with chocolate. Or… you do the “progressive” thing and call it cacao.