New to huel! I have questions!


Hi guys! I am totally new to Huel or any food supplement! I am starting this with a friend of mine and was thinking of using Huel for breakfast and lunch? Is it bad to only do this twice a day and have a healthy meal for dinner?


I believe thats what they actually recommend you do, I usually just do 2 scoops for breakfast and mid day then have a light dinner at night.


On days that I work, I eat one meal as regular food before work. Then I do two “doses” of Huel for the rest of the day. And a light snack after my workout in the evening.

Doing Huel only for all your intake might become monotonous. So having one regular meal per day helps prevent that and then you’re more likely to stick to the plan long-term. And even with my Huel I add different things on different days.


I get my first shipment in this week, let me know how this works for you as this is what i intend to do as well!


I agree with most of what’s been said already. I use Huel for breakfast and lunch and aim for a hot dinner so I don’t go crazy. Sometimes I switch my meals around but still stick with having two servings of Huel a day.