Anyone use Huel for breakfast and dinner?

Hello! I have been using huel for breakfast and lunch for about a week. I have an active job and I’m thinking I might want to eat a meal at lunch instead of dinner. Anyone else do this? Thanks.

That’s my plan as well. It doesn’t seem like what most people do, but if it works, it works!

If you get to do social eating for lunch, then take advantage of time with friends - probably eating stuff you need to compensate for calorie-wise… so it makes sense to use Huel for dinner in that case.

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With Huel I don’t have to skip breakfast or think about what I’m going to do for lunch. I’ve used Huel for my first two meals of the day during the workweek and have lost more than 40 pounds so far this year. I’ve won the weight loss challenge at work 3 quarters in a row and will probably win the 4th and last one as well.
I committed to 1800 calories a day during the week. Huel takes about 1000 of that, plus a Larabar for a snack during the day. At night I try to stay under 600 calories for dinner. On the weekend I loosen up a little, but I also went vegan so that keeps me from spontaneously eating something tempting that might come up. I feel great! This weekend I donated a bunch of my clothes that had become to loose. You can totally do the same thing. It’s easy, healthy, and you’ll feel awesome. I even have a beer or two on the weekends!

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I am using huel for breakfast and lunch. Dinner is for family and social, so I eat “normal stuff” sorry Huel :)… so far (1 year) I am satisfied with the results (and I am still alive) …

Work graveyard as a mechanic. So ya my husband and I do this to. Huel for breakfast and then we eat lunch and snack Huel when we get home. Works great! You need the calories to do the job I agree. A shake is not enough to satisfy your mind anyway on a hectic shift. No issues and we sleep fantastic because it digests well.

I eat Huel for most of my meals (I would guess about 90% of all my calories come through Huel). Have been using Huel this way for the past 1.5 years or so. Before that I used a competing powder for about the same time. It works really well for me. My work might not be as active as yours, but having Huel for dinner gives me plenty of time to be active in my free time instead. So I guess my suggestion is that you give it a try and see if it works for you too!

I skip breakfast. It’s a part of intermittent fasting. What I would do is get up, take my noon CrossFit class, drink a Huel, go to work, and have another for dinner before I go to sleep