Huel in the evening

I’m still easing into things and just doing 1 Huel serving per day for now, but I move it around a bit depending on how I feel. Today for the first time, I had it for my evening meal. I was ill all day and not in much of a mood to eat, so that was perfect, but… I still found it left me vaguely unsatisfied and wandering the house in search of something that felt more like “food.” I haven’t noticed that when having it morning or midday.

Anyone else tried in the evening as supper/dinner?

In other news, I had the clever idea of putting some TruOrange packets into Vanilla 3.0, hoping for something resembling “Dreamsicle,” but… no. Just no.

I almost always have it as my last meal of the day. I work late afternoon/ early evening shift so I use Huel during my break. It works well since it helps sustain me overnight. I try to consume it by 6:30 pm at the latest and then I don’t eat any food till either 9:30 or 11:30 the next morning, depending on if I want to eat my fruit before exercise or exercise fasted and then eat afterwards. Between my Huel and my next meal I try to only consume non caloric beverages.

Would you say that your meal in the evening has traditionally been your largest of the day? Mine is, and 400 calories might not be enough, especially if you haven’t had much to eat throughout the day.

Personally, I find it really easy to rely on Huel alone for my nutrition while I’m busy, but if I’m at home and idle, I feel more like snacking. Maybe just go ahead and have the snack? A banana or some greek yogurt and a tall glass of water to really fill you up? Or maybe something crunchy to balance out the fact that you’re drinking a meal. Or something savory to balance with the sweetness of Huel.

I’m a very small person and I haven’t been exercising much lately, so 400 cal is a lot for me. As for whether supper is my largest meal, it varies. It may that or lunch. I suspect you’re right that it may have a lot to do with being home and not busy.