New to Huel and 3.0: It works fine for me

I’ve been using Huel for 6-weeks and I’ve never tried anything but 3.0, so take it for what it’s worth. I’m pleasantly surprised by the taste and texture of both the chocolate and vanilla. I put a scoop in a nutrabullet with a frozen banana and almond milk. It serves as a meal for me each day. If I try and drink it twice, my stomach protests, so I’ll just stick with once. I’m not having any of the issues that others have discussed in using a shaker or adverse reactions to taste. I’ve been able to take off 10lbs too. The bars are a bit challenging, but I’m not eating them because they’re a wonderful experience. I’m eating them to avoid eating garbage, and they help me behave myself.

So for anyone new out there who is worried by the poor reviews as compared to 2.0 or lower…try it for yourself. You may really enjoy it as I did.