First Week Experience

I read hundreds of reviews before deciding to go with Huel so hopefully this review helps someone else. I started with one vanilla and one chocolate powder.

The suggested recipe is too thick for my liking so I use more water/coconut milk (I like the consistency to be like that of the really good chocolate milk that comes in glass bottles, not shake consistency)

To me the flavors were not good at first, not bad at all but not good. After one week I’m liking the flavors more and more each day

I am shocked at how long I go without feeling hungry after a 2 scoop shake. Like 5-6 hours depending on what I’m doing. The weirdest thing is not eating or grazing all day

To me using vanilla coconut milk and adding frozen blueberries (half a cup max) to the vanilla and blending is pretty freaking delicious

It tastes so much better when it’s really cold, I use ice cubes to reach that desired temp

I prefer using the blender and I blend for a long time, like a minute, I like it really well blended

My guts feel really good after a week, like cleared out and happy :slight_smile:

I’m so much more conscientious of what I eat outside of my Huel meals too, like I don’t want to ruin all the good effects it’s having

I’m super happy I tried it out and will be a continuing customer.


Great to hear this; I just got mine today, haven’t tried it yet, after seeing ads for awhile decided to go for it. Coincidentally I ordered the same flavors thinking they’d be safe bets. Will definitely try ice as i’ve seen that mentioned several times.