Huel 2.0 vs 3.0 Vanilla: A Short Review

Hey guys, I’ve been a vanilla Huel user in the US for about 6 months now, on average Huel provides 1 to 2 meals for me each day. I typically drink Huel with almond milk and water, mixing in different flavor boosts to keep it interesting. I always prepare Huel by dropping in a few ice cubes, then water/almond milk and shaking for a few seconds.

For this test, I prepared two half portions, one of V2 and V3 with water only and tried them side by side.

First, if you liked V2 I’d guess you’ll almost certainly like V3. The differences mentioned below are pretty subtle and mostly for the better.

The biggest thing I noticed right away about Huel V3 is its sweeter. I wouldn’t say it’s way sweeter, like maybe 2% to 3% sweeter. If the vanilla flavor of V2 was a bit too sweet for you before, this might push things over the edge but for me it’s fine. It’s tastes like the V2 vanilla is totally neutral (probably because I’ve gotten use to it) and the V3 actually has a little vanilla/sweet flavoring.

The texture is also less grainy, with Huel V2 I would have to shake it pretty regularly while I was drinking to prevent all the grains from settling in the bottom of the cup, this is way less necessary with Huel V3. Also the mouth feel is more creamy, something closer to milk.

I did notice a little more burping/bathroom trips after using V3 for a day, so there’s definitely an adjustment your body has to make to the new recipe and ingredients.

Overall I’m very happy with V3, perfectly content to switch my orders over to it for the future. V2 was nice, but I won’t miss it over V3.

Hope that helps anyone on the fence!


The new vanilla is way too sweet for me. It now tastes like cake batter which I did not like.

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