Loving it so far, especially vs Soylent!

A few years ago I jumped into Soylent and quickly found it wasn’t for me. I love the idea of having a nutrient and calorie complete powder drink but Soylent 1.4 (the current at the time) had this disgusting aftertaste that made it unbearable to drink. No matter what I mixed it with, I couldn’t stand drinking it. Ended up losing quite a bit of $$ over that whole situation…

I got my Huel in today and man… what a difference. The oaty flavor is very pleasant, not sure how people complain about that. The mouth feel is a little gritty, but doesn’t approach making it unpleasant to drink as some folks have said. I mean, you’re drinking healthy calories, the experience isn’t going to be like a milkshake from McDonalds.

I have noticed that higher/recommended concentrations are too much for me. My first drink was far too thick (following the recommended concentration), the flavor does something odd when Huel is thick, almost like there’s an oil in there or something.

It might be better for you guys to recommend lower concentrations for new people, I suspect it would make it more approachable.

I’ve ended up just doing one scoop into my Huel shaker and the rest water, it feels like I’m drinking oatmeal flavored water and it’s very nice. I was hopeful that I could find something like this as managing a healthy diet is a pain in the ass that I don’t enjoy. Huel is a godsend.

Thanks guys, excellent work on this product.


Happy to hear that you’re a fan! <3