*NEW PRODUCT ALERT* Introducing Huel Daily Greens!

Hi Charlotte,

Since this release, I’m now unable to add Huel Essential to my bundle. Is this by design?

Either could work! As mentioned above, morning can be helpful from a routine perspective, but if you find that you’d enjoy Daily Greens more in the evening or this would work better in your schedule then you can certainly have it later on.

For me personally, I tend to have Daily Greens after my coffee in the morning right before I have breakfast but this is moreso because I like to get in as much fluids as I can earlier on in the day and is a preference. Choice is 100% yours!

Thank you for flagging - that’s an error! Our team just updated it.

I just double checked on my computer and I see it back up there, but please let me know if you’re still running into any issues. :slight_smile:

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Hey Charlotte,

I noticed green tea extract in the ingredients list, and I am curious how much caffeine is in this product as I am pretty sensitive. Thanks!

Hey @trowen - welcome to the US forum :slight_smile:

Great question. We are still awaiting the test results on this so we cannot say for certain just yet, but will note that given the serving size of Daily Greens (1 scoop or 15 grams) and amounts in the product, we wouldn’t expect it to come back super high.

With that being said, once we have confirmation on caffeine and amounts per serving of Huel Daily Greens, I’ll message back here right away with the update. Should be in the next few weeks!

I think Athletic Greens has taken notice. Today I received an email from them stating they will be giving me free travel packs of AG1 with my next subscription order from them. I have delayed my shipment and ordered Huel DG to see how I get on with it - anticipating canceling AG1. Hopefully it works out. Athletic Greens promises more member-only surprises in the future. :wink:

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Do let us know how it goes with Huel Daily Greens. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts! :green_heart:

Organic Stevia Leaf Extract, so that’s a big NOPE from me.

Welcome back to the forum, @mathew! Great to see you again.

Why’s that? What is your preferred sweetener? Let us know :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I find Stevia to have an unpalatable taste, and the aftertaste is even worse and lingers in my mouth.

My favorite sweetener is less sweetener, as in general I find Huel products that are sweetened to be overly sweet. The classic vanilla powder was sickeningly sweet, I tried buying unsweetened and mixing the two 50/50 and that was about right. Ultimately, though, Soylent still tasted better even though Huel was better from a nutritional point of view. I also tried the premixed bottled Huel in case that was any better, but it wasn’t.

So these days I go for the hot and savory Huel, which is great.

So… I don’t know. It seems like most people just like everything to be way, way sweeter than I do. Sweeter than is healthy, I guess we can thank the sugar industry. When I get yogurts I get ones that are sweetened by the fruit in them and nothing else. Presumably the processing done to the fruit in this new product means it no longer tastes sweet, so some sweetness has to be put back in, hence the stevia.

It’s just frustrating, because I find the taste of stevia so foul, and it’s usually hidden away in the small print ingredients list, when frankly I’d like there to be a big warning label on the front. The number of times I’ve bought something and then ended up throwing it away because I didn’t read the small print carefully enough…

Thanks for this feedback, Mathew!

Completely understand this, it’s a super hard one because taste can be so subjective. For example, in some cases I also find I really cannot stand stevia’s aftertaste, but in others I enjoy it a ton. I personally like the taste of Huel Daily Greens and don’t find an aftertaste from the sweetener, but of course, this is individualized so it may not be the same for you.

Do you find you’re not a fan of all stevia? Or are there some cases where it’s ok and tastes good to you?

Let me know and look forward to chatting through further!


Huel DG tastes good. Almost a touch of vanilla? Probably not needed, but I like it well enough. I like the taste of AG1 too. So I’ll try this bag and hopefully, things go well.

It’s a little sweeter than AG1. Not in a good way. It doesn’t taste bad by any means. It just doesn’t seem as healthy because of the hint of sweetness. I love not having to refrigerate it like with AG1. Perhaps a little less sweet for v2 someday if this catches on with people.

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Good news, looking forward to try it :slight_smile:

Any info on when will it be available in Europe (or specifically Poland)?

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I just got mine in today - a hint of cinnamon for me - not bad tasting at all and surprisingly much better than I thought.

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I tried it this morning with breakfast. It tastes artificially sweetened and has an aftertaste. Is that the stevia? Next time I’ll try mixing it with chocolate Huel or put it in a fruit smoothie to mask the taste. Any chance you could remove the sweetener in later versions of the product?

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It’s not as sweet as the greens I am used to, but it tastes great! Had it for the first time this morning

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Just got my first DG order. I tried it for breakfast this morning and loved it! Really pleasant taste.

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We have an update on caffeine@trowen! :tada:

The test results for Huel Daily Greens per serving (1 scoop or 15 grams) came back below level of detection, meaning the lowest the lab can test to (<0.005g), for caffeine.

In addition, I wanted to thank everyone for their thoughts on Huel Daily Greens so far. Super great to see that many are also enjoying the flavor and also really appreciate the feedback for those who may find it’s a bit sweeter than expected or not exactly their taste preference. Will be sure to pass all this feedback on to our team too!

Great question! We chose to start with a US only launch of the product due to the popularity of greens in this region. The team is keeping a close eye on feedback and interest globally from there. So with that being said, I’ll be sure to pass on the interest to our team in the hopes of seeing it in more regions in the future, like Poland, too! :slight_smile:


thank you for the timely reply! I will pick some up very soon.

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Is there health benefits for getting the powder on hands?