Introducing new Daily Superblend

Our NEW Huel Daily Superblend is here to fuel your every adventure.

Creating this all-in-one meal has been a long journey that began the day we launched Huel in 2015.

Since our inception, we’ve prioritized quality, efficacy, and convenience. We don’t cut corners. We don’t use average ingredients. We always go above and beyond. Huel Daily Superblend, which joins our robust collection of best-selling powders, drinks, and Instant Meals, is no exception.

But this launch goes one step further.

We know you’re busy.
We know you want to make healthier choices.
That’s why we married the protein-packed benefits of our nutritionally complete meals, with the antioxidant-rich benefits of our Daily Greens powder — and combined the two in one convenient Daily Superblend.

Featuring 87+ wholefood-based ingredients, 25g of plant-based protein, and adaptogens and fiber, each nutrient-rich scoop helps support your immune health, boost your energy, and improve your mental clarity.

It’s time to properly fuel every adventure. Shop Huel Daily Superblend now.

:seedling:25g plant-based protein
:seedling:87+ wholefood-based ingredients
:seedling:250 calories per meal
:seedling:Greens, superfruits, and botanical blends
:seedling:Adaptogens and fiber
:seedling:$3 per meal
:seedling: US exclusive


Interesting… Looks like a direct competitor to Kachava, will give it a shot!

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As a calcium oxalate kidney stone sufferer, what is the oxalate content of the superblend?

We do not have the information on oxalates yet, but we will have more information on this soon! :blush:

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Great to hear, thanks!

How does the “serving amount” of this new product compare to Huel Black?

I use Black five days a week as my breakfast for work, so at two scoops a day I generally get 6 weeks of meals out of a 2-bag order for $98.

Do you have the amino acid profile for this yet?

Seems like this is a less synthetic version of your other powders, is that accurate?

The caloric serving size for Daily Superblend is smaller than Black Edition; Daily Superblend is 250 calories per serving and Black Edition powder is 400 calories per serving. If you want to try out the Daily Superblend, you can adjust the way you prepare it to fit into your typical meal patterns. It has been designed with this in mind, to be customizable. So for people who eat 3 meals and some snacks per day, consuming Daily Superblend at a meal time would be best when it is paired with other foods. For example, you could prepare a morning breakfast smoothie with Daily Superblend, 1 cup of almond milk, a banana and a heaping spoonful of peanut butter for a nutritionally dense, 500 calorie meal. If you prefer to eat multiple small meals a day, Daily Superblend might work for you on its own, blended up with some water or milk.

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Looking into the amino acid profile for you! The main difference between the Daily Superblend and our other meal powders (like the Huel powder or Black Edition powder), is that it contains the extra 6 nutrient blends such as the organic superfruit blend and organic antioxidant greens blend.

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I’ve got the Superblend coming in my next order and looking forward to it.

Daily Greens has 91 vitamins, minerals and wholefood-sourced ingredients. Superblend has 87. What’s left out?

Superblend lists 1.5 grams of Omega 3. Can you tell me how much of that is EPA?

Thanks in advance.

Thanks for the clarification!

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Mixed reviews on whether or not it’s safe to take ashwaganda daily, are you able to share the dosage per serving?

I greatly appreciate the lower calorie meal, as a petite person who can’t consume the larger calorie portions taller folks can. Needs no additions for me!

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We do provide total milligrams for each of the signature blends, however we don’t currently have publicly available milligram-specific information for individual ingredients, including ashwagandha. This is because this information is proprietary, which is the standard for other superblend products on the market. We can assure you that the Daily Superblend is safe to consume! If you have any specific requirements pertaining to a certain ingredient like ashwagandha, you can reach out at ( and we’ll do what we can to help.

Any further details on getting the oxalate information?