*NEW PRODUCT ALERT* Introducing Huel Daily Greens!

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Unfortunately not, but wouldn’t that be cool. :slight_smile:

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I don’t mind the taste at all. My issue is that it doesn’t dissolve well. I use a hand held blender and I within 39 seconds it settles to the bottom. Any suggestions

I don’t mind the taste as well. I think the after-taste is nice.
Do you put the powder in first or water. Try reversing the order.
You can also gently swirl the bottle and it picks up the debris below.
This is a lighter powder so it mixes well and keeps a good consistency.

You can barely notice the Stevia. With all the other fruit added, you don’t know if its Stevia or the fruit.

I put water and ice in first then the powder. Blend for a minute or so and it all separates in 30 seconds

I would suggest shaking the bottle again before drinking.

Should I avoid taking my daily multivitamin tablet if I drink Huel DG?

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Great question. We would not recommend consuming both. With that being said, I wanted to confim, if it’s alright, are you taking the multiitamin more for general health or under direction of a doctor?

If you take the multivitamin for general health, then we’d recommend just choosing one (either Huel Daily Greens or the multivitamin). If you take the multivitamin under the direction of a doctor, best to check in with them before making any changes!

Hope that helps.


About two weeks in and I think I’ve settled on Huel Daily Greens to replace AG1. The taste is better, it has more in it, ad it costs far less. I already get Huel Black via subscription - so it’s really an easy decision. I just wanted to make sure my body approved - and it took a little while getting used to it after 2+ years of AG1. Well done Huel!

How many times a day are you consuming Huel Black? Do you think it might be overkill with the greens?

Usually once a day. If you’re not having all meals with Huel, you’re not guaranteed to get a day’s worth of nutrients. So greens are great.

True…I’ve thought about the greens myself but ultimately opted out, as I’m taking about 270g of black, 58g of complete protein and occasionally a complete protein bar along with further supplementation of a few key vitamins and minerals so I think I’m covered—not to mention a pretty nutrient rich plant based diet (6’4 237lbs)

I’m finding the taste of ‘daily greens’ to be a bit chalky, can I put it in a blender with some fruit? Any recommendations on which fruit to use/try?

It took me a while to get up the nerve to try this stuff, but now I’ve been using DG for a little over a month. Not a fan of the flavor at all, and I agree with some who say it doesn’t need to be so sweet. But I gulp it down with a straw so it goes pretty quickly.
I used to get cramps constantly. Feet, ankles, hip adductors, glutes, torso, hamstrings. Any sudden movement would cause muscles to cramp. Trying to stretch would cause a cramp on the antagonist of the muscle being stretched. It wasn’t debilitating, but it was annoying and sort of painful.
What I have found, though, is that my I no longer get muscle cramps/spasms. I had been taking a magnesium glycenate supplement to reduce cramps, but they didn’t completely get rid of them. I finally got sick of taking those pills and decided to see what the DG would do. I also stopped taking my Vitamin D, since it is included in the greens. I wasn’t expecting magic, but I really have not had any spasms since I started using this stuff. I can’t say for sure that the DG is what helped, but these cramps have been going on for several years, and this is the first time they have gone away for an extended period of time. So as long as the cramps stay away, I’ll keep taking this stuff!
Can’t wait to see if you come out with a v2 to see if the flavor can improve.


I’m aways a little turned off by proprietary blends and not knowing the amounts of the ingredients in products. Thats why I wont drink Athletic Greens. I didnt see a breakdown. Is this a series of proprietary blends as well?

I wish there were travel packs. I used to take Athletic Greens and when I traveled it was easy. Now that I’ve given AG up for HDG, I’m traveling this weekend and I bought travel packs of a different greens powder just so I can have something every morning while away. I could ziplock portions or the like, but that’s not exactly packing or TSA- friendly.


We’ve been a long time subscriber of Huel (since 2019) and it’s been a minute since I’ve logged in and just noticed the launch of the Daily Greens last year. I was immediately excited, only to be as quickly disappointed to see they contain a mushroom blend (as someone with an anaphylactic allergy to them it’s an obvious no go). Is there ever a chance y’all would develop one without?

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I’m very sorry to hear the current formula of our Huel Daily Greens doesn’t work for you! There is no plan at the moment to release a version without the mushroom blend but I will pass the interest along to the product team so they can keep it in mind for future :revolving_hearts: