Trying Huel Greens on my next subscription shipment

I have been using Huel for about 2-3 years. I love the shakes, love my favorites of the Hot and Savory, and now I see Huel is branching into Greens. I have been looking into doing greens for a while, but I haven’t found one I could trust… until now. I can’t wait to try it on my next shipment. I definitely like the info on the website about what is in it. So hopefully, I will have another reason to love Huel in a few weeks.

Hopefully, my first bag will come with the scoop and the bottle. hint hint :grin:

So one month later after trying Huel Greens, I love them. They taste great. They are easy to mix. The only issue I am having is the bag opening is too small. I have big hands. Getting my hands into that small bag is difficult. Holding the scoop in that small bag with my big hands is difficult. You should sell the greens powder in a tub instead of a bag. I understand the bag is better for the environment and more cost-effective. Or you can make the bag wider and not as deep, that would solve the problem too. As is, I will probably tape a chopstick to the scoop so I can scoop the powder without putting my whole hand in the bag. That, or I will need to buy a container to put the powder in to store it. But that defeats the purpose of the zip lock top of the bag to keep everything fresh.

I hope these suggestions help. Great product!

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Agreed on the relatively tiny bag for big hands. I decided to go the container route. It’s opaque with an air tight lid so I am comfortable that the contents are just as fresh as they were in the bag. The chopstick idea is a good one and a ton cheaper!

I love the ease of mixing, the consistency after shaking, and the taste! A few years ago my doctor recommended that I take a multi-vitamin, but now with Daily Greens, that’s my preferred method. :smile: Thanks Huel!