*NEW PRODUCT ALERT* Introducing Huel Daily Greens!

:green_heart: Green’s the word, Hueligans! :green_heart:

Introducing our latest innovation, Huel Daily Greens – a greens powder with 91 vitamins, minerals, and wholefood-sourced nutrients, including spirulina, ashwagandha, ginseng, kale, and many more.

Huel Daily Greens has been designed to have once a day, first thing in the morning. Take it alongside breakfast, not instead of it, for a seamless addition to your morning routine!

:green_heart: Super greens & fruit complex

:green_heart: 91 vitamins, minerals, and wholefood-sourced nutrients

:green_heart: 147 health benefits

:green_heart: Adaptogens & dairy-free probiotics

:green_heart: 50 calories per serving (1 scoop, 15 grams)

For more on Huel Daily Greens, take a look for yourself here: Huel Daily Greens

Excited for this one! Drop your thoughts below :slight_smile:


Following up with responses on your questions @edolecki! See below:

Huel Daily Greens does not need to be refrigerated, just stored sealed in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.

We actually have an article comparing the two! Check it out here: Huel Daily Greens vs. Athletic Greens

Let me know if you have any additional questions/thoughts/comments. :slight_smile:


I ordered some. I don’t see travel packs. I love those for AG1. Maybe consider adding those?

With AG1 they suggest having it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and waiting 30 minutes before eating. Is it similar with Huel Daily Greens or not?

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We do not currently have travel packs for Huel Daily Greens, but will be sure to pass on this feedback and interest in this!

I grabbed mine! I’m excited to try it out

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That would be awesome, I travel for work!

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Yay! Let us know how it goes when you receive it :smiley:

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So my breakfast is usually Huel Black and Lunch Huel hot and savory. Should I drink this along side the huel black?

Hey there so I shot an e-mail over to the Huel support team. I am trying to add this product to my subscription but only see the option to add it as a one-time order or to purchase it by itself. Am I doing something incorrectly or is the tech support for adding Daily Greens to my subscription just not available yet?

Thank you.

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Huel Daily Greens is meant to boost nutrition intake to ensure you get complete nutrition every day. If you’re having 2 or more servings of other Huel products daily in addition to other foods, you’re likely already hitting your nutrient needs, though it depends on the rest of your diet.

For those who have 1 Huel serving a day or only occasionally, Daily Greens can be a great added boost to cover all your nutrient essentials, with potential added benefits from ingredients like adaptogens and superfruits too.

If it’s alright, as a result, I’d like to learn a bit more. What else are you eating throughout the day and are you having Huel for breakfast and lunch every day during the week or a few days during the week? Feel free to drop me a DM, if preferred to continue the conversation there too!

The team is working to get Huel Daily Greens added as an option for existing subscriptions and Build Your Own Bundle as we speak. As soon as there’s an update and you’re able to get it added via these methods, I’ll message back here right away!

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Hey I was actually able to add it, thanks for the response as well as the reply on my threads:)

Awesome to hear it and you beat me to the update. :slight_smile:

I was just going to message that the team has fixed this and you should be able to add it via Existing Subscriptions and via Build Your Own Bundle too!

Just saw your update on this!

It is recommended to have Huel Daily Greens first thing in the morning as it can be helpful from a routine perspective, but ultimately, it comes down to what works best for you and when it fits within your day! I personally see no reason why you’d have to wait to eat breakfast after that.

In addition, if you find you’re more likely to consume Huel Daily Greens consistently if you have it later, maybe before dinner or midday after lunch or snack, and you’re looking to have it as part of your daily routine, then go for it at that time!

Looks like an awesome product to try. I also love the cool bottle. I want to do what it takes to get that great looking bottle!!!


I’m having issues adding Huel Daily Greens to my cart. When I select a one-time purchase of it, I get a confirmation that it was added to my cart, but when I view the cart, the page says it’s empty. Any help would be appreciated.

Try clearing your cookies/browser data and try again


Just bought two bags - awesome release.

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That did the trick for me. Thanks for the help!

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I am unable to add a subscription for the greens. I add it to my cart but it never appears there. Any suggestions?

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Have you tried clearing your browser cookies/data and trying again?

So sometimes I may just drink a huel black shake in morning with no huel products for lunch or dinner. Would it be best to drink the huel daily green at breakfast. Or wait till lunch/dinner?