New Packaging 📦

I always appreciate companies improving the experience for customers, especially when it comes to packaging and branding. With that being said, while the new package design is great, it could use a little more tape to secure the contents from potentially falling out of the box, being damaged or tampered with. I fully support a more minimalistic approach to packaging (cough cough looks at Amazon), but when dealing with food products I’d want to be sure the products would arrive intact and sealed inside the box. That obviously doesn’t matter if the box is mangled during the shipping process, and those things happen from time to time, but making sure it’s sealed properly for shipping is important.

All-in-all, love the design, just add a little more tape.

Appreciate you telling us about this and will communicate it to the team :raised_hands:

Mine came that way too ! like someone took the tape seal off. Nothing was missing or damaged. but seems like they missed taping it closed.