Environmental Feedback... etc

I am currently looking into your product(s) as a potential customer… Many things about what you offer look/sound GREAT!! However, I have also been thinking LOTS about things like packing, waste, etc. I know WE can’t avoid waste, but mindfulness can often help REDUCE it. :wink:

I saw that another customer on here “Loves Stickers!!” - that’s great… but this response is aimed at your marketing team and CEO for consideration, as well as an recent article I think every person on this planet should be aware of…

@Huel: Personally I am against the general idea of adding ANY extra waste (paper, inks, GLUE compounds, etc) into our environment chain. I am currently launching initiatives with the company I work for (they are an ENORMOUSLY FAMOUS brand - known for their product- and packaging- design, and still including stickers, etc into many of our products) Most promo stickers and inserts are thrown out and ALL of them ADD WASTE. This is something I’m becoming increasingly mindful of - and am trying to remind other’s as well. So - nothing personal, intended - just my .02 cents. WORD OF MOUTH and online reviews are ALWAYS the best advertising, IMO.

Trying to be an educated consumer is… daunting, to say the least… but we’ve got to try, both internally and externally…

These are some articles for reference and thought that I’m sending to my upper-management and CEO… as well as to my greater social & work community and friends, etc. Thanks for your consideration… and Best to All of Us going forward…

https://nbcnews.to/2vUlS6k /
https://bit.ly/2LO9kZb / Analysis of Plastic Emissions - in the Future

Thanks for your thoughts. We don’t currently offer stickers to Hueligans.

For your interest, here is what 96 years worth of Huel and packaging looks like: https://www.instagram.com/p/_ZriY5hCdf/