New Hueler. Quick Shipping

Just got my first shipment of Vanilla Huel. Shipped to northeast USA in 6 days. Not bad for free shipping. Excited to start Hueling. :metal:t2::call_me_hand:t2:

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I live in the Northeast United States and I have not gotten mine yet (order 52163) and I ordered it February 11th. My brother is upstate and got his after a week so I’m a little upset it’s taking this long. I spoke with a rep and they said it would be placed on high priority. Hopefully it comes tomorrow or else I’ll have to wait another weekend…

Ohh shoot. Weird. Hope you get it soon. Just had my first meal. Tastes pretty good. Feel full. Not sure full feeling will last too long tho.

I’ve noticed that I don’t feel “full” - but I don’t feel “hungry” - so not having to think about my stomach driving me through my day is a good thing.

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