Huel has arrived, And so it begins!

My first order arrived today (vanilla flavored) along with the mint chocolate flavor boost. My initial impressions are that it doesn’t taste terrible, kinda like oatmeal that’s been thru a blender (which makes sense lol). The mint chocolate is really subtle and definitely more mint than chocolate. I had some hunger pains when I got home and mixed up my first batch, about 1/3rd of the way thru my first 3 scoop drink and they are gone. Looking forward to getting my strawberry and regular chocolate flavors here soon, as well as trying some different fruits blended in. Gonna try a brown sugar & cinnamon mix tomorrow in it.

I’m using this to try and get a more balanced diet while I try and lose some weight. I’ll post my weight loss numbers as I see them. Right now I’m 204lb so I’ll check back in a few days with an update. Excited to join this community! Any tips/tricks for what to do/not to do while starting out will be greatfully received!


Cinnamon is amazing. You can flick through my journal post if you like for a couple recipes I’ve tried. :blush:



Thanks! And yeah, I just had cinnamon this morning. Soooo much better than just regular.