New Huel User. Just Ordered

Just wanted to say hello. I just completed my first order on Wednesday. I am anxious to try it out and make it a part of my plan to lose weight. I am currently 50 years old, 6ft 4 inches and weigh 308 lbs. I intend to combine 16:8 IF with 2 Huel meals a day. Then eat a sensible supper.

The website says my first order is expected to arrive tomorrow, but I don’t see a tracking number, so I am not sure if I will really get it then or not. I will update everyone with my thoughts once I get my order and have a chance to try it.


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Welcome! I think you’ll find that Huel is great at helping you achieve your health/weight goals, no matter what they are. Feel free to comb through the forum for any questions you might have. If you can’t find an answer, we’re happy to assist.

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I am excited to try it. I was really excited when I got the email saying my order has been shipped. However after further research, I have found out that just means the shipping label has been created. There is no way to know when it will actually be shipped. Hopefully it won’t be too long.

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Since my order obviously didn’t ship on Thursday like my email said it did, when do you think I could expect it to ship? Also, why did I get an email saying “Good news, your order has shipped” when it has not shipped?

They are claiming up to a week. I’m now at a week and still have not shipped. I’m taking today as Labor Day nothing will move. So will see if it get it tomorrow or it starts to ship tomorrow.

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Hello there! Some orders are experiencing some delays but I have personally messaged you to gather more information about your order and assist you there.

Welcome, @Huel_for_Tim . I just started myself - had to bump up my autoship and order some bags separately be I’m hooked.

Watch your butt…
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