Newbie to give it a try

Hello. Just bought my first order and waiting for it to be delivered. Enjoyed reading the posts and all the encouragement. I am looking to get my nutrition back on track and loose that fat. Have a long way to go, but hope this is another tool in my weight management toolbox.
I’ll be back when I get the product and have tried it for a while.


Woo hoo! Let us know how everything goes :smile:

Hey there,

I’m new too, just placed my order on Saturday. Hoping to get my order in soon to also help me with my weight journey. Got a little off track, but I’m excited to get things under control again. We can do this!


Been using Huel for 7 full days. Doing mostly Huel (I had real food for dinner twice, but probably 85% Huel only). I’m down 7.8 pounds and been going to the gym about 3-4 times doing cardio/strength training.

I started at 240.6lbs down to 232.8! You can do this!


We’re in the same boat! Keep us posted!