New Huel Black Vanilla Flavor is Disappointing


I wanted to leave feedback about the “new and improved” Huel Black Vanilla flavor. I find it quite unappetizing. It has a strong aftertaste, somewhat similar to a diet soda. It is not something I can see myself consuming every day.

I have been using Huel for 2+ years now, and this is the first time I have decided to start looking for a new product to use as a meal replacement. I switched to Huel Black as it has a better protein-to-carb ratio and does not use artificial sweeteners, so I do not want to swap back to the original Huel. I have not been a fan of the other flavors, so I do not want to order the chocolate or unflavored Huel Black options.

Thank you for the years of delicious meals. I will try to check back occasionally to see if the Huel Black Vanilla flavor is “improved” again at some point.



I’m with ya Ryan. Just posted about my v1.1 experience, and not getting as much of a diet soda aftertaste, but an overall undertone of rubber/plastic. Hard to pin down, but certainly something is really off.

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I get this as well. It tastes like plastic.

i mix one scoop vanilla black with one scoop unflavored black to solve that problem, and it is fantastic!