Vanilla cake batter flavor is almost terrible

Some of this was delivered to my house a while back when I was away working, I just got home and opened it up, I’m super disappointed in the new flavor, it tastes like a smoothie made of sugar and plastic.

While I was away I consumed my last 2 bags of OG vanilla, and ended up buying some “Soylent” meal replacement for the last week of my time away from home, I wasn’t much of a fan of the flavor, but it’s fantastic compared to the new Vanilla cake batter huel.

I will be testing other products now looking for a replacement for Huel.

If you guys bring back the original vanilla I’ll gladly start purchasing again :slight_smile:


I’m going to switch too. Been using Huel since they launched in the US plus two years in the UK. The berry and chocolate give me an immediate stomachache, nausea, and lack of appetite, which become more severe each day I consume Huel. And, I don’t care for New Vanilla.
Others have suggested getting U/U and mixing it with sweeteners, fruit, and the like. But, if I’m going to do that and maybe dirty a blender, I might as well cook something. For me, not having a simple powder I can just mixed with water and consume defeats the convenience of Huel.
Thanks, Huel, for providing a convenient and pleasant tasting meal replacement for many years.