Hey there Hueligans! Today is a huge day for Huel and the USA because

:chocolate_bar: :tada: We have just launched our long awaited Huel Bars :chocolate_bar: :tada:

and you are going to love them!

Our Bars are the perfect 200kcal snack. It’s a super nutritious option to have when you’re on-the-go.

Here are the key facts you all need to know!

– High in protein
– All 27 vitamins and minerals
– Soft and chewy texture
– Two tasty flavors - Chocolate and Salted Caramel
– Vegan chocolate chips!
– Gluten-free

On subscription you can get 30 Bars for just $56!


Really exciting! These will replace my Soylent Squares and Go Macro bars!

Just ordered two boxes of each flavor!


It’s great that they’re here. I just wish we didn’t have to spend $60 just to try them. The usual Huel issue…

I would happily pay $5 to get one of each added to a subscription. We don’t have the excuse here that you really have to try them several times in several ways to see what works for you, as with the powder.


Soylent Squared is $30 a box.

One Go Macro protein box is $35.

I think this is just the standard price for entry into a new food dimension.

I’m not complaining about the price. In fact, I think it’s very reasonable. I just don’t want to pay $60 to try them and deal with the hassle of a return if it doesn’t work out.


@Tim_Huel I’d like to add these to my upcoming subscription RTD delivery, but when I use the Edit Delivery option in My Account, there’s no option to add the bars - there are only options for adding RTD, Powder, Flavor Boost, or Accessories. Any chance the web guru can get the option added?

Also, I second the idea of a sampler order size of some kind - while I’m probably going to order anyway it would be great to have a smaller option for people to try, even if it’s more expensive as a result.

Not trying to rain on Huel’s parade, but is launching new products the week before christmas and new years basically inviting shipping/distribution delays? I mean, I hope it goes well since I already ordered my Huel 3.0 powder yesterday. But I seem to remember we had major delays with the RTD that was launched around the same time last year due to holiday-related delays.

Or maybe this is Huel’s way of showing how they’ve bolstered their distribution model and aren’t afraid to try something again. Perhaps my skepticism will be proven wrong and I will be forced to eat my words (along with my new Berry Huel 3.0, which I heard tastes like Snozz-berries).


Monday, I ordered 6 boxes of Chocolate RTD – they were sold out of RTD Berry and Vanilla!!! Outrage!!! – and all 6 arrived on Wednesday via FedEx Home at 11am in the morning. A nice surprise all 6 boxes arrived on the same day on the same truck.

That said, it is odd to do two major product launches this week – especially when most people have exhausted their coffers for the month.

Our building gets 500 boxes a day this month – and UPS and Amazon are all but unusable as delivery systems. Usually, they deliver on time, in the morning. This month overnight delivery means three days, showing up at 9pm at night. It’s a total mess. Next year, no Black Friday purchases, or any other purchase for me, that delivers in the month of December. Too risky.

Two weeks ago I ordered 5,000 sheets of laser printer paper each from Staples, Amazon and WB Mason – and none were delivered! They all variously just sat at UPS wayside for a week before UPS decided the paper was “undeliverable.” Such a mess!


Thanks for raising! I’m sorry for the inconvenience here. I’m going to shoot you an email right now so we can get these tasty bars added to your upcoming order😁

We like a challenge.

No but seriously there is always that risk but we’ll be working exceptionally hard to ensure your orders get to you so you’re ready to go after Christmas!

Totally fair point, we want to make sure we go into the New Year all ready. We also didn’t want to delay get the USA all the most up to date products as soon as possible.

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Just ordered one box of each to try them out. Thanks, Huel!