Huel bars recipe?

I’m seeing something about Huel bars being available in the US sometime. Does anyone have a recipe for them we Yanks could use in the meantime to make them from scratch? Thanks in advance.


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Bars are still in the works! Unfortunately, I can’t publicly release any kind of specifics on that, but know that we are working on making that happen ASAP and we will announce it on the forum as well as social media, email, and the website as soon as they are available.

I don’t know the DIY recipe version, but if you’re up for it, that might be a cool way to use the Huel powder. Let us know if you come up with any fun recipes!

Here is the UK ingredient list if you want to try something:

Having the bars here would be great! New job involves a lot of travel, and that would make like easier.

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Some good recipes for bars listed here:

Most of them suggest a food processor, but the last one with mostly coconut ingredients, I’m going to try out

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Huel is a super flour. You can adapt pretty much any baking recipe with some tweaking. It’d probably be relatively easy to put together so “no bakes” using either peanut butter or dates as a base as well.

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