New "discount" system

If I subscribe to eight hot and savory meals a month (two meals a day) the current price is $174.40. With the new discount it will be $189.36. If I buy two months worth the current price is $314.40. With the new discount it would be $357.68. A $43.28 increase.

Ouch! :persevere:


My subscription price is going up $28. This sucks.


Our new discount system allows customers more flexibility and the freedom to choose from a wider range of our products without being limited to the same range each time.

For example

1 bag of Black Edition, 1 bag of Hot & Savory, and 1 Ready-to-drink v2.0 would have previously cost you $121.80. But with our new discount scheme, you’ll only pay $109.62.

To clear up any confusion, for subscription customers, you will still receive 20% savings on all purchases. This will not change.

For student, military, first responders, and medical staff, you will still benefit from your program discounts.

On top of the above discount options, the new plan will provide an additional 10% off when your order total is greater than $120 or an additional 15% off if your order total is above $400. This applies to all orders so you can enjoy the discount when purchasing across the Huel range.

I hope that clears up any misconceptions about the discount system.

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I don’t think it’s a misconception of the new discount system. It’s the realization that buying in bulk will be much more expensive.

Huel powder

8 bags currently is $244, new price $270.
16 bags currently is $462.40, new pricing $510.

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@CharlotteF_Huel are you saying these people are wrong, and their prices are not going up as a result of Huel’s new pricing?

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Sorry, I just wanted to clear up any misconceptions about the discounts and how they work across products. Due to the structure change, this does mean an increase when bulk ordering within the same range (I didn’t mean to imply you were wrong), we made these changes to allow people to shop across the range and still receive a discount.

Hi @Charlotte_Huel, I’m currently paying $23.30 for H&S on my subscription. The “discount increase” webpage shows the subscription price for H&S as $26.60. Is that true? If so, it’s a price increase regardless of new discount. My current subscription has 6 bags of H&S for a total of $139.80. Even adding in the new 10% discount the discounted price for 6 bags will be $142.02 given that increase per bag. I’m surprised that a notification of a price increase was not sent out. Did I miss that?

I also have a 2bag of Black subscription ($85) currently separately. If I combine the 2 subscriptions and take in the 10% discount on the total it is $220.14 which is $4.66 less than the previous combined total, but I lose the ability to manage these subscriptions separately. That’s actually a huge inconvenience for me to have guess how much of all these different (given the different flavors of H&S I eat) I’m going to use in a timespan and purchase in bulk appropriately. I don’t think that’s practical, so I’m going to wind up paying more under this discount system.

I have to admit that it really feels like this discount system is designed to hide price increases by offering very specific, and for most people impractical, product combination opportunities that will save them a very small amount of money while most people will wind up paying significantly more for what they buy.

Honestly, I’d rather just be told that prices are going up.


I completely understand your frustration and I have made sure to pass on your feedback to make sure you guys are being listened to.

We ultimately were trying to benefit the majority who do shop across the range, but we understand this has meant an increase for some subscribers.

Your points have been acknowledged and please do feel free to pass on any additional feedback.

Would be cool if we could maintain the same price or better for larger purchases. I normally purchase 500-600+$+ of product at a time every 2 months. The new discount system will raise the price by about 50$. :innocent:


Yeah, not really much of a discount.

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“You will still receive 20% savings on all purchases. This will not change.”

This is some not-so-slick reframing here. Part of your new system is jacking up the price of individual bags of a particular item when purchased in bulk, so the price is increasing and loyal customers are getting screwed. Do you think we are stupid?


We wanted to give more flexibility to the customers and offer discounts across product ranges, which we acknowledge has meant an increase for those ordering the bulk of one range.

We don’t think you’re stupid and I am really sorry if it came across this way, all feedback is being passed on.

As each order/combination will be a different cost, the best way to share this for everyone is to share this article - How the New Discount Affects Your Subscription – Huel

PM’d you a discount ordering bug.

It looks like it changed from 20% to 10%.

You didn’t clear up any confusion at all.

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btw “discount scheme” may be inadvertently broadcasting some negative connotations because ‘schemes’ and ‘scheming’ are rarely perceived as good.

I purchased 8 bags today. I was dismayed by the price jump when I deselected subscription. I have used one-time purchases for years. An $80 penalty for not having to commit to auto-renewal feels abusive. I chalked it up to ‘everything is more expensive’ and before I actually completed the checkout the price adjusted down, so I really have no understanding of what happened

My “missyou” discount had also expired. That also felt a bit like a tease that I’ve saved that postcard until my next order only to find that it was a time-limited offer.

Why would you not subscribe? You can get the 10% off and then cancel subscription immediately after the order in under 10seconds after placing the order.

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I do apologize for this! This appears to have been a glitch on our website. The website is being amended now.

We’ve checked the orders placed and customers would’ve still paid the correct price.

This is also good feedback that the “discount scheme” is broken - whatever benefit Huel tries to realize through subscription is undermined by immediate cancels.

It would be more straightforward to have a flat price. Give discount codes to repeat and large volume customers.

Surely Huel has statistics on this. What do the numbers say?

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This, plus the changes (read impoverishment) in 3.1 formula mean I’m done with huel.

I know this isn’t an airport and I don’t have to announce my departure, but I hope that this could be a slight bit insightful for the management. I guess I’m not the only one out here.