Cost per meal... $2.20 or $4.41?

Huel marketing says it costs $2.20 per meal. However, their website says a $75 bag of powder has 17 servings in it. $75 / 17 meals = $4.41 per meal

The ad links to Huel Black which is $85, $5 per meal.

What is the actual cost per meal?

Are you eating two “servings” per meal?

Before we got approval to return to work from home, i was eating 3 servings per meal for lunch.

It’s still MUCH cheaper than buying prepared food for lunch

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By meal I just mean serving. The website says 17 servings per bag.

Our v3.0 is $83.34($2.45 per meal, 34 meals in total)
Huel Black Edition is $94.44($2.78 per meal, 34 meals in total)
Hot & Savory is $87.66($4.17 per meal, 21 meals in total)
These are all prices without the 10% discount with a subscription :blush:

Can you provide links to where you are finding this information? I am not seeing any of what you posted.

For example:

The v3.0 located on the Huel website here (Huel Powdered Food - Fast food, not junk food) is $75 and it says “Each bag contains 17 meals.”

Likewise, Huel Black Edition (/products/huel-black-edition) says it is 17 meals not 34, and the Hot & Savory (/products/huel-hot-savoury) says it contains 7 meals, not 21.

The order is a minimum of 2 bags. The total for 2 bags is 83.34 (if it is a one time order, not a subscription). Each bag contains 17 servings so 2 bags is 34 servings. I hope that makes sense!

Oh, I see. The terminology used is very confusing. The price should make it clear that it’s for a “2 pack” and not for a single bag, because I saw “minimum order” and thought I’d have to buy two bags at $75 each.

Thanks for clarifying.

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I buy 6 bags at a time, and the cost is about $1.90 per meal. Not bad at all.

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