Another price change?

I noticed another change in price from 75.00 now to 83.50 for a ‘one time purchase’ for Huel Black. So upon subscribing/changing subscription, the price drops from around 83.00 to 75.00 and I cannot apply a military discount! Bummer. All of my recent orders have been 67.50 I believe, but now the price has jumped yet again. Not sure I’ll continue to subscribe if it happens again

@Elliott_Olivas - The higher price is if you do not have a Subscription. If you Subscribe to Huel Black, it’s $75 and then you can apply your Military Discount at that point making your order $67.50 (for 2 bags). I use my Military Discount every time I do not have a Referral. If you are still having problems, email - that is your best and fastest route to go, they will respond within 24 hours in most cases.

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That makes more sense. I will just start a new subscription and see if that’s my issue. Thank you sir!

Hey @Elliott_Olivas! Hope you’re doing well😁 @MNSk8r was absolutely correct about the difference in pricing. For any Huel product you subscribe to, you receive a recurring 10% off with each purchase!

You can then add your Military Discount to your subscription to receive an additional discount🎉 If you would like, drop an email to with your Military Discount and email associated with your subscription and I’d be happy to get that added for you!

All is well with me, and I hope you and your team are also well and in good health! Will send an email… I very much appreciate your reaching out; excellent customer service!

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Thanks @Elliott_Olivas! We’re all doing well over here, thanks so much for the kind words❤ I’ll keep an eye out for that email!

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