Frustrating Pricing

Trying to figure out how much a bag of Huel actually costs is making my brain bleed. I set my upcoming delivery for 6 bags of Black - 2 cookies and cream, 2 vanilla, 1 cinnamon roll and 1 salted caramel, and the total at the bottom was $267.00, plus a flag indicating 10% of purchases of greater than $120. After updating I decided to change my order to 3 CC and 1 vanilla and the price went up to $271! So different flavors are different prices? And at what point will I see the 10%? There is no “checkout” per se, so I’m left to trust a system that frankly is not very trustworthy.

Why is this so difficult? Why so little transparency? Should a person who has to worry about such things just switch to a different product? Or buy single bags on Amazon at $60? At least then I know what I’m paying.

I’m staring at my commemorative 1000-meal shaker, wondering if this is really worth it. Can somebody help me?

I have loved this product for years, and remain convinced it’s part of the key to reclaiming my health. I just wish I didn’t need an MBA to budget for it…

Ha, I circled back to “Upcoming Deliveries” and the price for my 6-bag shipment is now $243.00! Okay, calm down Gerald. That’s still less than $2.50 a serving.

Also, my last 2 orders are now in the history, so there’s that.

Rant over.

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Thank you for the feedback! I’m glad that’s all sorted but if you have any questions let me know!

I’m not sure I’d call it “sorted out,” :slight_smile: but I’m satisfied. By viewing my newly available order history I can work out how much I’m paying per bag. I guess it pays to be a more informed consumer especially with a purchase as important as this (at least to me). Interesting side note, cookies and cream is considerably more expensive than other flavors…

Thank you for responding @CharlotteF_Huel !

It would be nice to have a comparison in the product pages between normal cost, $120+ cost, and subscription cost. I had a similar WTF moment as vuduray did, and this might scare some subscribers away.

I hear you, @Vition! Maybe this page that goes over our new tiered discounts and lists the price per unit at the bottom of the article would be useful: How the New Discount Affects Your Subscription – Huel

I hope this helps😊

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Sorry, but no it doesn’t. I’m well aware of the discounts available, and many who use this forum are as well. But it’s always nice to actually SEE the price your selections are going to be before moving on to additional steps. Putting it into an income-driven argument, the sticker shock of the selections can be a factor for people who are unaware of how the discounts work as to whether or not they decide to try your product. Rather than “hiding” it in a blog post, putting it out there will, potentially, increase sales.

I’m sorry, @Vition, I thought you specifically were asking for a pricing list, my mistake. I’m sorry you didn’t find that useful. Remember, you can always see your order total when you add items to your cart before proceeding to check out. The starting price per unit of each product range is also listed right under each Product Range name on our ordering page. That said, I will certainly pass your feedback about having that price list in a more accessible place along.

For clarity, for anyone who comes across this exchange and might need one, at the bottom of that page there’s a break down of the price per unit under our new automatic tiered discount. It lists each product and give you a comparison of the price per unit if you are on a subscription or if you did a one time purchase.