$150 a month on food!

6 bags of H&S on subscription is ~$150 maybe less; I could easily spend $20 a day on any meal just because. I’m saving so much money with Huel I think I might actually have a shot at a future :rofl:


Ive been living off of 2/2 scoop shakes and a meal for a couple months now and it’s working. Hunger down, less desire to binge snack…only issue is if i exercise or play with my dog a bit i get ravenously hungry., needing to make multiple 3 scoop shakes, then im short by end of month.
Im on a tight budget so Huel seemed the logical course of action. Just. Don’t. Move…


Glad to hear Huel is keeping you satiated and is saving your wallet!
You for sure have a shot at your future, no need to downplay yourself :joy:

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