Any discount codes available?

Always interested if possible

There is the referral discount.

tbh, Huel is inexpensive per meal. Yeah, it might seem like $66 is a bit much to ask for the initial purchase to see if you like it - but it’s totally worth it. :slight_smile:

I was really asking because I’m trying to use an old prepaid gift card and 66 dollars is about 2 dollars more than the amount on it, so even a 5% code would help a bunch. Thanks if you can

You can probably find some by searching “Huel referral code” on Google! It’s $10 off.

Idk if this’ll work but here’s my referral code:

Code Link

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Currently, we are not running any promotions other than that refer-a-friend program some lovely Huelers helped with above :smile: However, we offer other ways to save - free shipping, volume discounts, a subscription discount, and your first order comes with a free shaker, scoop, and t-shirt.

Thanks. It worked great

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