Bad ingredient in recent batches of US-produced Huel black?

I noticed towards the bottom of my last batch’s bag of vanilla black that it was going sour (smell first, then taste) within just a few minutes of adding water. After finishing, I put a little more water in and shake to get the remaining leftovers out; This part is an order of magnitude worse, despite little time passing.

I assumed this was because I’d had the bag for 1-2 months since opening the first time, and looked forward to my new order with chocolate, PB, and vanilla (all black edition) that arrived a few days ago. Unfortunately, I have this exact problem with every flavor!

Then I thought it was my shaker. I ran it through the dishwasher, shook it with boiling water, scrubbed it with vinegar, and soaked it in baking soda. I put stirred Huel with a bit of water in a coffee mug and had the same issue; it’s not the shaker.

Using ice-cold water helps delay the sourness, but it always catches up by the end. I’ve started drinking it more quickly to avoid the problem.

Has anyone else noticed this? Maybe it’s always been this way, but I didn’t stick my nose in the shaker before. Has some staple ingredient common to all black varieties like the pea protein just gone bad during or before production?

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The only advice i can offer is what I experienced myself…i had a funky taste from 2 batches I whipped up and in trying to figure out what it was it was because I hadn’t cleaned the shaker out good enough and I was getting a little soap residue mixed in.
Make sure to wipe off shaker good after every use.
If you find it’s your powder I’d stop consumption immediately.

I don’t think it’s soap residue. For a while it was part of my morning routine to shake in some vinegar just to break down the soap. It’s not traces of vinegar, either, because I’ve also used it straight out of the dishwasher.

I have another idea; Maybe it’s something in my backwash? I used to fill up insulated bottles with Huel and take a few hours over the course of a bike ride to finish them, and had no issues. I’m gonna try that again, with ice, and stop drinking out of the shaker.

Aside from that, I still plan on trying mixing Huel with coffee (which I’ve done before) and baking.


Strange… We do recommend to try mixing your powder in a different container to see if it changes but if not we do recommend to get in touch with us as we would be happy to further assist with those bags.

Nonetheless, I have dropped you a personal message :slight_smile:

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Hi, Ryan!

I’ve run into a similar issue. I ordered some bags of Huel black a few months back, just finished a Vanilla bag and decided to crack open the chocolate. And I’m having the same sourness issue. It almost tastes like I’ve made hot cocoa with sour milk (been there, done that).

I had no issues with my vanilla bag, though. I’m hoping that they’ve fixed this issue, as I really like Huel Black more than the regular.