New at Huel / Bad start or couldn’t start :)

I made my first order from Huel, They didn’t ship Shaker Bottle, measuring scoop and the t-shirt and couldn’t get any answer from support from my message that request the send. So I couldn’t start to use.

Looks like nobody will answer, It is not a good start for the Huel. And I need to solve the issue myself by buying the items from amazon.

I manage to find the size of Shaker bottle 24oz. However, I couldn’t find measuring scoops size anywhere. Is anyone know the size of the measuring scoop?

Thank you

I would check what the suggested serving size is, not the scoops obviously, but weight and weight it. It sucks that you don’t have the scoop but you can probably pick up a food scale at Walmart cheap. Just make sure it measure grams.

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Hey @mmilci! To get the starter kit, it had to be selected when checking out. Not to worry though as we’ll be happy to send that your way! What size shirt would you like? Once I get that, I will have all this sent over to your right away.

In the meantime, here are a few simple ways to prepare your Huel while you wait for your scoops to arrive. As always you can take these guidelines to find out what works best for you.

A full 400kcal serving of Huel is a little less than 1 cup or about 2 scoops. For the most accurate measurement, this would be 100 grams if you have a food scale.

From that ratio, you can use more or less water to adjust the thickness of your Huel, or you can simply adjust the number of cups and amount of water based on the number of calories you want in a meal.

Hey Alex,

5 days ago I made my first order and I click “Add Free T-Shirt & Shaker” button after I chose the thsirt size as XL on “First time ordering with Huel? Add your FREE T-Shirt and Shaker to your order.” form.

However, delivery only had the powder, thats all. No Booklet, No Tshirt (XL), No Shaker, No Scoop

I sent an email to support and followup email after a day. Also there is no answer from the support.

Size is XL and order number was #361061-US


We’ll have to take a look into why your order didn’t register the starter kit then! I placed an order for you to receive your missing items and you should receive them in 2-4 business days.

I just checked on your emails and since you emailed multiple times in a row, each time you emailed our support, it got pushed to the back of the queue. Sorry we weren’t able to get back to you in a more timely manner & I’m happy I was able to help you here.

My first order was my last order. They have major issues communication and fulfillment.

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