Never got my delivery.... very dissapointing

Made my first purchase with huel over a week ago and fedex says the package was delivered but nothing showed up. I have a missing package claim filed with Fedex but after numerous emails sent to Huel I havent heard a single word back. Very dissappointing experience right out of the gate and Huel’s customer service is dropping the ball big time.

Hey Sam. We replied to both emails yesterday asking for an address confirmation. Can you check your inboxes? I closed out the Facebook ticket so we aren’t channel switching too much. Feel free to PM me here with any questions.

Yeah thanks man, I just replied with my shipping address. Thanks for the help.

Thanks for replying. I sent you another reply.

Hey man I got a replacement order sent but you guys got my shipping address wrong…

Hey Sam, not to worry! I will contact FedEx and get this updated for you with the correct address from your email. You should see this reflected on your tracking within 24-48 hours. :+1: