Sooooo... Delivery seems like a problem here

I looked into some of the forum and it looks like people have an issue with orders. Well I don’t know where my order is. I made my first order last week and got an email saying they got my order and then an email saying it’s being shipped. I don’t see why you can’t give tracking information in that email. I had to sign up on the site to check. It says delivered. I don’t have it. My front office doesn’t have it. Who has it?

I understand things can get weird during the holidays with shipments but I stopped my Soylent subscription which I used twice daily to try Huel. I get up at 5am and premake two liquid meals and am pretty nonstop till 6pm. Not getting this on time kinda sucks.

Can someone help me out?


I do understand your frustration, but if FedEx is saying they delivered it and you didn’t get it the complaint should really go to them. Most of the “where is my Huel” posts that I see are similar scenarios and Huel customer service is quick to remedy the situation even though FedEx has messed up. I personally have not had a single issue in the 6 months I’ve been ordering.


Can’t complain to them properly without shipper account information. Have you ever tried to tackle a shipping company? It’s like pulling teeth. It’s also on the sender to usually deal with the shipping company.

Part of my disappointment was that I had no idea how the shipment was getting here. They just said it was shipped. There was no info saying that I could sign in to track or anything. Didn’t know the carrier either. In a day and age where I can track the driver delivering my package in certain instances, I like being a little more informed. I leave my home in the dark and get home in the dark. Lots of people do. I’d like to know more about my packages being delivered when I’m gone over half the day. If you read more complaints on the forum, I think that sentiment is shared. People just don’t know what’s going on with their orders.

Hey Marc. Your order appears delivered via FedEx tracking. Perhaps it was stolen. We do provide tracking in your email confirmations–please refer to your account email. We’d be happy to send out a replacement package. I’ll PM you now and confirm your delivery address.