Lost Order - But FedEx Says Delivered

According to FedEx, my order was delivered last week but no package arrived. Sent an email to support@huel.com to no answer. Maybe someone is listening here?

I’ve built habits around Huel and would love to continue buying it, but now it seems like I can’t count on shipments getting to me. Or getting help fast when needed.

Hey @jimf! I see you emailed us about 15 minutes ago. We’ll be getting to your email shortly! However, I’ll be happy to help you out here as well. I’ll send you a private DM to make sure we have the correct address and then we’ll get you a new one shipped out. It is possible FedEx lost your package or it was stolen. So sorry about that!

Hi Alex, thanks for the quick response. I had sent an email direct to support@huel.com last week, and then used the form on the support page today–seems like the form is the way to go in the future?

I just checked our email system and I’m not seeing an email from last week. We do apologize for any miscommunication. I’m sure this was frustrating! In the future, you can either use the forum or email me directly at alex@huel.com.