Never freeze your RTD Huel

My fridge is a real POS, sometimes it freezes beverages solid. It has real poor temperature control. Well, this happened to $50 worth of RTD berry flavor Huel. Froze all of the bottles into blocks of ice. Well, I thought it would be no big deal to simply let them thaw out back into liquid. WRONG! It does thaw out but back into a gritty, oatmeal consistency. Completely undrinkable. No amount of shaking would restore it back to it’s liquid form.

Just a warning to never freeze your Huel.

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Thanks for the heads up.

Sorry that you had to be the one discovering it

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Yes please NEVER freeze the RTD! It changes the consistency terribly.

Why not just use them as a base for a smoothie? You can blend it with fruits or whatever you’d like?


Try blending them. Nut milks consistency changes when frozen but if you put it in a blender once thawed you can get back it’s original consistency. You might get the same result with your RTD.

Never freeze and then defrost them. However, do freeze and eat like a popsicle…


Oi! Right! I posted my comment before this brilliant Huel hack came out.

I’m guessing the popsicles would work with the chocolate RTD, as well? I have some nearing the expiration date.