Adding Strawberries with Vanilla Huel

So I am getting a cool little Ninja blender thing tomorrow and I’m excited to try Huel blended up instead of just with the shaker, but I decided to buy some fresh strawberries as well to see if I’ll like the flavor of them added to the Huel.

My question is pretty simple, what would the best way to add these strawberries to my Huel and blend them be? Should I freeze them and just make the Huel normally with water? Should I keep them how they are in the fridge and use water? I also have some vanilla Almond milk should I incorporate that to make it blend better? Ice or no ice?

Any recommendations will be great, thanks!

Either way should work. I have used frozen berries in mine. I prefer frozen since they stay good in the freezer much longer than fresh berries. Once it’s blended up, I don’t think there’s a difference in taste between blending with frozen verses fresh berries. Oh, and adding any milk makes the overall taste better. Using both milk and strawberries is very good tasting.

If you want to drink your Huel right after mixing, then it might be best to freeze the berries so that when you blend it, it’s already cool.

When using milk do you replace all the water 100% with the milk, or do like a split?

I do a split. For example:

  • 200 ml water
  • 250 to 300 ml milk
  • 2 or 3 scoops of Huel
  • Banana or strawberries or mix of each

This is a real nice mixture. Or, if I do only banana I then add some peanut butter instead of the strawberries.

When do you this mix, do you usually drink it right away or do you typically blend and let it sit overnight? I’m getting my first order of Huel soon and was interested in trying this strawberry and vanilla Huel blend!

I blend it and store it with a cold pack and take to work. By the time I drink it, the mix has been chilled for 4 to 8 hours. So, in essence, it’s the same as if I let it sit overnight in the fridge.

If I drink it right away, I add some ice cubes. But either way, the mix is cold.

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Thanks for the thorough response!

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I just wanted to add a little trick that I use when blending Huel. It might not matter with a Ninja blender, but I found that adding the Huel into the blender first, then adding the other dry ingredients and finally your liquid helps to make sure that the Huel gets completely incorporated. I tried it once while putting the Huel on at the end and it didn’t end well lol.

Also, I tried Huel blended with a large orange and 4 strawberries today and it was pretty delicious. The problem with adding Huel to most smoothie blends is that it gets really thick, the Orange cut through that thickness really well.


Lovely pro tips. Thank you!

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would adding ice help at all?

Yeah, ice helps a lot when blending for the same reason why Huel recommends a few ice cubes in your shaker bottle. It helps to break up small pieces of Huel that sticks together when blending and can smooth it out a bit. I typically don’t use ice though because I don’t have an ice machine and I find that when ice melts it usually has a pretty bad metallic taste.

But if you’re going to use ice, make sure you add some liquid to it as well.

Yeah yesterday I put 5 decent sized strawberries (not frozen) with half water half almond milk with 3 scoops, tasted amazing but it was pretty dang thick. Maybe put like 4-5 ice cubes in it when blending as well?

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I did find that strawberries are surprisingly thick when put into Huel, that’s why I added the Orange. My suggestion would be to use less almond milk and maybe cut the amount of strawberries down to 3 that way the water ratio will be higher. The main problem is the lack of acidity. Huel is super basic (as in the opposite of acidic) so I’ve found that adding citric acid is the best way to even it out and make it feel less thick.

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