Solid strands in the Huel Chocolate RTD?

So I recently bought the Huel RTD for the first time and in chocolate flavor, and my first couple drinks were very satisfactory, especially compared to the powder.

However, I noticed that some of my drinks have this weird worm-shaped pieces in them, which I’m assuming is just coagulated strands of Huel. It’s kind of off-putting feeling that when you expect a smooth drink. I was just wondering, is this a common thing for everyone who has had Huel RTD?

I refrigerate my drinks and shake well before opening.

I had a large strand around/near the rim when I opened mine. I only ordered one though - surprisingly really good, might order a pack as a treat sometimes :laughing: (Also refrigerated/shake before opening)

Yeah same here, they mostly happen near the rim of the drink but sometimes it’s too solid and an unpleasant surprise when i drink :nauseated_face: really hope that Huel can smooth this out